Aria, Desert Lioness [3.0][3D Model][DPS][Physbone]

7 ratings
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Aria, Desert Lioness [3.0][3D Model][DPS][Physbone]

7 ratings


  • Egyptian Lioness/Catgirl Theme Avatar
  • Purring Sound Effect (Toggle)
  • Swirling Particle effects
  • 3 Built-In Skin Tones (Light/Dark/Pale)
  • 3 Built-In Hair Colors (Blonde/Auburn/White)
  • Lips Thickness Slider (thicker or thinner)
  • Clothing RGB Hue Shift
  • Elf Ear Toggle
  • Eye Color RGB Hue Shift
  • Full Clothing + Accessory Toggles /Dissolves
  • Ear and Tail Dissolves
  • DPS Prefab included You must have + Import your own copy of DPS!
  • Physbone physics/jiggles
  • FBT Ready + Tested/Unity 2019

Rules for Purchase

  • DO NOT redistribute this avatar.
  • DO NOT take, re use, or redistribute any assets from this avatar for either personal or commercial use, please refer to the credits for each individual asset!
  • DO NOT sell or give away edits of this avatar (even to your friends)
  • DO NOT sell or give away the original avatar for free (even to your friends)
  • DO NOT upload this avatar as public or make it available in a public world.
  • DO NOT purchase this avatar on a shared gumroad account!
  • DO NOT upload this avatar to a 3rd party website.
  • If purchasing this item as a gift, you must use Gumroad's gifting function at checkout!
  • DO NOT Purchase this item for yourself, and then give it away to somebody as a gift
  • ONE personal license per avatar. (You are the only one authorized to use the avatar)
  • DO NOT redistribute custom components including but not limited to; blendshapes, materials, any/all script settings, physics, toggles, animations, gestures or textures from this avatar.
  • DO NOT upload this avatar to any discord server.
  • DO NOT chargeback or refund after purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. This is to prevent potential fraud + redistribution of digital art.

I am not responsible for helping with unity problems. Do not buy if you have no/little unity knowledge!

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I want this!
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