[OPTIMIZED] Milkshake [3.0](3D Model)[Physbone]

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It's a Mooooood


  • Green Optimized Comfy Cow Onesie Avatar
  • Great for attending events or just chilling being optimized
  • Physbone physics on breasts, ears, hair, tail, and bag
  • Two Skin Tones Included
  • Partial Clothing Toggles (Topless ONLY)
  • Two Color Schemes: RGB Cow + Black and White Cow
  • Toggle Milk Bag + Slippers (bare feet)
  • Organized Unity Package
  • RGB Hue Shift Eye Color + Onesie + Bag
  • Skin, Hair, Face, Outfit are separate materials for easy customization in unity.
  • FBT Ready + Tested/ Unity 2019

Rules for Purchase

  • DO NOT redistribute this avatar.
  • DO NOT take assets from this avatar for either personal or commercial use, please refer to the credits for each individual asset!
  • DO NOT sell or give away edits of this avatar (even to your friends)
  • DO NOT sell or give away the original avatar for free (even to your friends)
  • DO NOT upload this avatar as public or make it available in a public world.
  • DO NOT purchase this avatar on a shared gumroad account!
  • DO NOT upload this avatar to a 3rd party website.
  • If purchasing this item as a gift, you must use Gumroad's gifting function at checkout!
  • DO NOT Purchase this item for yourself, and then give it away to somebody as a gift
  • ONE personal license per avatar. (You are the only one authorized to use the avatar)
  • DO NOT redistribute custom components including but not limited to; blendshapes, materials, any/all script settings, physics, toggles, animations, gestures or textures from this avatar.

I am not responsible for helping with unity problems. This package has been proven functional, tested by dozens of people without issue, if you have trouble uploading, it is your own responsibility. Do not buy if you have no/little unity knowledge.

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[OPTIMIZED] Milkshake [3.0](3D Model)[Physbone]

35 ratings
I want this!