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Unity Troubleshooting Guide

Welcome To The Help Center/Troubleshooting for Unity.


Firstly I want to say that I really appreciate and value my customers. Without you, I could not do what I do as an artist. Your support is everything to me and my livelihood.

So I've written this help page to troubleshoot some common issues.

Before we start, please take note:

-All packages that I release, I test multiple times using multiple third parties for testing. The packages are proven functional, tested by dozens of people without issue before and after release, including the large majority of customers reporting no problems. This means your package is perfectly functional, I guarantee.

99.99% Of the time that there is a problem, it is caused by inexperience with unity or a simple human error.

Please do not DM me until you've gone through this post! It's likely the problem can be solved here.

Basic Questions to ask yourself ✔️=Yes ❌= No for proper uploading

  • ✔️Did I use a new/fresh unity project of Unity Version: 2019.4.31f1
  • ✔️Did I import the most recent SDK3 from VERY IMPORTANT. ALWAYS CHECK.
  • ✔️Did I import the CORRECT SDK3? (AVATARS)
  • ✔️Did I import the latest version of Poiyomi Shaders?
  • ✔️Did I Import them all in Unity Package format?
  • ✔️Did I Import Dynamic penetration (for DPS packages) correctly?
  • ✔️ Did I import all required packages in the correct order? (SDK>POI>DPS)
  • ✔️ Did I drag and drop the scene containing the avatar prefabs into hierarchy (Not the FBX)
  • ✔️ Did I keep everything in the package intact?
  • ❌ Did I use an old or outdated SDK3? (MOST COMMON ISSUE)
  • ❌ Did I use the wrong SDK3 (Worlds VS Avatars)
  • ❌Did I delete something from my project at any point or move things around? (ALSO VERY COMMON)
  • ❌ Did I import dynamic bones on a non-dynamic bone avatar?
  • ❌ Did I forget to import any of the major components/dependencies?
  • ❌ Did I import into a pre-existing project
  • ❌ Did I use the wrong Unity?
  • ❌ Did I use an outdated version of Poi?
  • ❌ Did I Import the components in the wrong order?
  • ❌ Did I delete or change prefabs? (COMMON)


  • Yellow errors can usually be ignored in the console.
  • Are the red errors related to missing scripts (errors which say something is 'not found'). ? If so, you have imported something improperly (Either the SDK3, Poi, Dynamic Bones, or DPS, something may be missing.) You may have also imported an outdated version of the dependencies.
  • RE-IMPORT YOUR ASSETS (Right click folder) if this happens. One or more of your dependencies did not fully/completely load. You can right click the folder and "Reimport" for the affected dependencies.
  • If you crash right away when uploading you most likely have the wrong SDK3 that is outdated, or other scripts you've imported that are incompatible with the current SDK3. Check your console for errors to identify the origin of the issue..

2.) The expressions are not working


-You have the incorrect FX layer (can be caused by importing into existing package, or not importing the package fully)

-Check inside the FX layer. Left Hand" "Right hand" and the toggles ETC. Make sure all the animations are present. If it is empty, it's probably the wrong FX layer or the components did not import properly. You can search the project to make sure the animations/correct FX layer are already in the project. If They arent, re-import the project or create a new one and re-do the steps.

3.) Materials are pink(Hidden/Shader error)!

-Possible if there are different versions of poi involved in your project than was on the original avatar (can happen with older avatars) . simply click on the material and switch it to the poi you want in the inspector.

I've written this page to try to mitigate some of the issues caused by Unity. Understand that these problems can happen to any avatar and are a result of user error.

Please read and understand the following:

  • I am not responsible for helping with unity problems.
  • If you have trouble uploading, it is your own responsibility and likely something you did incorrectly. As a precaution, please do not buy if you have no/little unity knowledge.
  • By purchasing my avatar, you accept this liability and it is not an acceptable reason to chargeback/refund if you make unity errors, even if you don't understand that it's your fault.

Thank you for your support, and I hope this help channel was assistive in some way or the other.

If you absolutely MUST get in touch with me, and cannot via discord- You can reply to the automatic receipt in your email from the product purchase. Please understand I'm just a person, not a team, but I will do my best to assist (but PLEASE read this guide first).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Updated 4.29

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